Using E Cig to Quit the Habit

Using E Cig to Quit the Habit

Vaping is experiencing the peak of its popularity as an alternative to smoking. There are plenty of providers who are offering e-liquids and e-juices which is a great scenario for vape lovers. E-cigarettes are basically made up of base liquid that contains either of the three basic ingredients, that is, Nicotine, PG (propylene glycol), or VG (vegetable glycerine). Moreover, every flavour comes in three different strengths that are pre-set-up. In fact many variations are possible. So, if you want your e-liquid to provide you with a superior vaping experience, then you must understand few things to find the best e-juice out of the many that are available.

The key point you must remember is the quality of the e-liquid, as this is something you inhale and it goes directly to your lungs. It should be made up of premium quality ingredients that is good enough to be consumed by humans. While there are many high-quality imported e-liquids on sale, it’s rather good to get the best e-liquid from a trusted and renowned brand from U.S. or European manufacturers. You can be rest assured that you are being offered e-liquids of considerably high potential. The ingredients must be composed of medicinal quality stuff that is ideally manufactured in laboratories that adhere to strict hygienic conditions and that also ensure the flexibility and the security level of every batch.

Now, with hundreds of flavours available for the e-liquids it becomes really difficult to find the best. If you’ve been a smoker previously, chances are that you would prefer an e-liquid with the tobacco flavour. This makes them enjoy the taste of tobacco and the experience without even inhaling any of the harmful ingredients that makes a usual cigarette. If you want a different flavour altogether, you can try the VG and PG bases. Try different flavours that are popular with regular vapers like the ones with the sweet zest such as, fruit flavours, chocolate, mint, or menthol, especially if you want to change your vape a number of times in the day. If you’ve just finished a meal, you can try the mint flavour for that fresh treat.

The best part about e-cigarettes is that it allows you to customise your e-juices as per your taste. There could be no better feeling for the vapers than being able to create a flavour of your own. All the stock that you need to create your own flavour is available online using which you can easily mix some surprising tastes. Experimentation is the key, as you can also change the level of nicotine to restrict your consumption.

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