Things You Need to Know About E-Liquid

Things You Need to Know About E-Liquid

Let’s start simple, what is e-liquid? If you have heard of vaping, which has become very popular recently, especially among the youth, then e-liquid is the agent that produces the vapor in vaping. E-liquids are vaporised through e-cigarettes and vaped. Now, vaping has established itself as less riskier option to smoking and at times it has even helped smokers to quit. Cigarette smoke has over 4000 very harmful chemicals from nicotine, tar, Ammonia to what not, whereas e-liquids can be found without nicotine and consist actively of only few ingredients. However, it is important that whenever you are buying e liquids UK or anywhere else for that matter, you buy from a reliable online provider, the liquid needs to be produced in a sterile environment.

What is e-liquid made of?

It is one of the biggest queries in people. There are uninformed people who go on about saying how e-liquids have mystery ingredients that can kill you. However e-liquids are comprised mostly of PG which is propylene Glycol or VG vegetable glycerin, now none of these look like mystery ingredients, do they? These are however the bases to e-liquid, and mostly PG is used, however those who are allergic to PG go for VG based e-liquid. A reliable and e liquid Uk supplier’s website will have these information.

The other two ingredients used are formaldehyde and nicotine. Nicotine is optional because you can find e liquids UK or for anywhere else without the presence of harmful nicotine.

But, vaping is so much more costly than smoking. Is it though?

If you are someone who smokes a pack a day then you can afford all vaping gears with one week of smoking money and after that you can enjoy one bottle of e-liquid for a week and it eventually costs you less than smoking.

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