E cigarette UK growth reduces smoking, but what about the rest of the world?

E cigarette UK growth reduces smoking, but what about the rest of the world?

The rapid uptake of E cigarettes in the UK has cut the smoking population down to just 17 percent. This encouraging statistic was released by Public Health England, and would seem to support its controversial support of vaping as a safer alternative to smoking.

The UK vape scene has 2.8 million Brit supporters, making it the only country where more people vape than in the US, and if we were to take this as a percentage of the population, considerably more than in the US.

Although Pubic Health England has adopted the stance that vaping is 95 percent safer than smoking with the support of the Royal College of Physicians, other countries are slower to accept the Ecig. UK policy, it seems, is ahead of the curve, while countries such as Australia, Singapore and Brazil have banned the Ecig outright. Meanwhile, smokers can puff away at their regular cigarettes legally, despite evidence that using vape liquid and an Ecig is safer than smoking.

Even the World Health Organization, which has recognized that alternative nicotine delivery methods would be safer than smoking has stopped short of endorsing vaping. What’s more, it is looking at restricting, taxing, or even banning the Ecig. UK policy is in stark contrast to this, and the acceptance of Vape in the UK. UK health officials are discussing these issues with their EU counterparts, and despite the impending Brexit, are expected to have the only really powerful arguments in favour of vaping as an alternative method of delivering a nicotine fix without the hazards of smoking.

The Spectator has accused the WHO of ignoring the evidence in favour of vaping, and says it expects the UK and France, the only other European country to embrace vaping as a safer alternative, to stand up for vaping as a life-saving intervention for cigarette smokers. As the paper says, “a billion lives could depend on it.”

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