E cigarette UK growth reduces smoking, but what about the rest of the world?

The rapid uptake of E cigarettes in the UK has cut the smoking population down to just 17 percent. This encouraging statistic was released by Public Health England, and would seem to support its controversial support of vaping as a safer alternative to smoking. The UK vape scene has 2.8 million Brit supporters, making it the only country where more people vape than in the US, and if we were to take this as a percentage of the population, considerably [...]

Using E Cig to Quit the Habit

Vaping is experiencing the peak of its popularity as an alternative to smoking. There are plenty of providers who are offering e-liquids and e-juices which is a great scenario for vape lovers. E-cigarettes are basically made up of base liquid that contains either of the three basic ingredients, that is, Nicotine, PG (propylene glycol), or VG (vegetable glycerine). Moreover, every flavour comes in three different strengths that are pre-set-up. In fact many variations are possible. So, if you want [...]

Its Easy to Quit Smoking with the Help of E-Cigarettes and Vaping

At the time the general population got to be mindful about the perils of smoking a couple of decades back, numerous individuals have discovered that ending the smoking habit is hard, if NOT impossible. Organisations have been advancing the concept of e cigarette UK product a the new trend in the market. From nicotine patches to gum, nicotine addicts have been utilising electronic cigarettes to stop their habit (at least trying). Electronic cigarettes are the most up to date [...]

Things You Need to Know About E-Liquid

Let’s start simple, what is e-liquid? If you have heard of vaping, which has become very popular recently, especially among the youth, then e-liquid is the agent that produces the vapor in vaping. E-liquids are vaporised through e-cigarettes and vaped. Now, vaping has established itself as less riskier option to smoking and at times it has even helped smokers to quit. Cigarette smoke has over 4000 very harmful chemicals from nicotine, tar, Ammonia to what not, whereas e-liquids can [...]

Shifting to e-cigars

Did you know that every year hundreds and thousands of hectares of land is used to produce ingredients of cigarette? Do you know if there was an alternate to the cigarette and if people stopped farming it, the area that was originally used for tobacco farming could be used for crop farming?  You might wonder, what about the tobacco smoker? Well, there are now e-cigarettes and e-liquids UK available in the market. Smokers should start to shift to these [...]

Does Vaping Help You Quit Smoking?

Smoking might have been considered very cool back in the 70s to even early 2000s but let me tell you this, it is nowhere near cool anymore. As more harmful effects of smoking come to light, more and more people are trying to quit smoking or get their friends and family to quit. That said, smoking is addictive and therefore very difficult to quit once you have been hooked onto it for years. In recent years, vaping has developed [...]

Beginner Vaping

Vaping has become quite a sensation in recent years. To define if one is vaping is essentially a comfortable and easy term for using electronic device like an e-cigarette to smoke the vapour made by heating e-liquid or any other kind of material inside the device. This device is usually portable, however it can be tabletop as well. Many people take up vaping in order to give up smoking. The traditional cigarette is hazardous and it is very well [...]

How to Choose Your Own Flavoured Eliquid

If you are someone who’s fairly new to vaping, it’s normal that you are astonished by the choices you have in e-liquid. E-liquid or e-juice is the material you use the e-cigarette to make vapour out of and vape. There are hundreds of different e-liquid suppliers. Do a quick  search online and you’ll come to know. From home brewers, mom and pop shops, multi-national companies to online providers, there are so many providers and various kinds of e-juices available [...]

UK vape scene: Are you a vaping artist?

Will “vape art” become the next big thing on the UK vape scene?  The Daily Mail reports on Titus Edwards, a US vaper who is taking the world by storm with his “vape art”. If you thought blowing rings was quite a neat trick, wait till you see what Titus can achieve. His most complex creation is a “jellyfish”, which swirls along, perfectly under his control. Blooms of mini rings drift in multiple directions, and the artistically produced video is [...]

UK Vape Scene: Misleading Report

As we all know by now, sensational headlines sell newspapers, and that’s what The Sun is all about. Unfortunately, a lot of people never read beyond the headlines, but a journalist from The Spectator certainly did! “Vaping is as bad as fags” Really? It’s really amusing to watch a good newshound ripping into bad journalism, and The Spectator’s article is so cutting you could easily imagine it as a sword-fight with The Spectator scoring from every blow it aims at The [...]